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Umi WHATT????!!

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Umi WHATT????!!

Post  Uminous on Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:01 am

Howdeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mates Very Happy:D:D:D

sorry for kinda disappearing for a few months without any notice or anything Very Happy
ill be honest, i tried to change the directory of my rappelz folder crap and like it didnt work after that and i was toooooo lazy to do anything about it so i decided HEY lets just not play anymore games LOL =]

so yeaaaaa kinda decided to stop gaming and try (yes, try) to atleast attend my classes on time Very Happy oh and study aswell =]

so yea.. thats why ive been missing for a few months Very Happy:D
and i never said anything on the forum about it until now cuz i was to lazy Very Happy:D:D:D

hrmm id like to thank all ma mates from HG, u guys rock Very Happy
special thanks to :
sammyboiii or his retardedly new name Very Happy for inviting me to such a mad guild Very Happy been lotsa fun with u and aba Very Happy OH ABA !!! RAWRRR I STILL HAVENT FORGOT ABT PWNING YUR ALTS ASS in that event that i slept ova !1 looooool
ill be back one day and chase u down in a desperate attempt to pk u when ur afk Very Happy lol narhs gl broo your teh best SH Very Happy

beasttyyy bro you da man Very Happy:D:D thanks for helping me out with my voker, thanks to you i actually SPAMMED MA SKILLS Very Happy:D:D:D

yod, mobius and hunner Very Happy gl to you buds aswell !! you guys were koool, it was good fun chatting with yas when no one else was online loool !!

kat n sabo Very Happy HG's best healers :O thanks for always keeping me alive LOL xD thanks for always been there and ya kno.. keeping me alive when i was spamming all my skills and taking all teh aggro ova all the nub tankers .___. thanks for being apart of my many parties which included over 3 healers LOL xD best of luck to both of you and tell MG that SHE STILL OWES ME LIKE 60 RETURN FEATHERS AND A BUNCH OF OTHER CRAP WHICH ILL COLLECT EVENTUALLY RAWRR Very Happy

think thats abt it o.o
sorryy if meh forgots ya Very Happy:D its been a while since i was online alright !!!!
best of luck to all of yas

maybe ill install the game again and pop up one day Very Happy until then, adios peepppss
but dw, ill be spamming your forums when im boreed too =]

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Re: Umi WHATT????!!

Post  Yodzee on Sun Apr 04, 2010 7:10 pm

Sweet, Great to hear from you Uminous and you very well should be studying harder rather than trying to play this game (although you are missed!) Take care

and best of luck to you. we will see you soon bud!!

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