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Guild tournament deathmatch ^^

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Guild tournament deathmatch ^^

Post  OwlCity on Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:42 am

rite, its only an idea but :

- split all hu wish to participate in to 10lvl sections i.e 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, etc up to 140
- pit all hu r in each section against each other with winner play winner basis , much like the world cup Smile
- the champion of each lvl denomination gets a prize.

- or we could have a rank death match where all r2s fight each other all r3s etc. but i wud say go in groups of 4 or 8 or w/e and pty up , so we get 4v4 or 8v8.... again w/e
- one pty put pk on so both sides can att each other but its easyn to see hu is ur oponent (1team having white names other team orange names Very Happy)
- then again go by winner v winner basis
- champion team each get a ss each or summin

if we as guild can't afford to do many prizes then i suggest a wagering system where all team members or both opposing players bet tht they themselves will win an place a suitible wager, this should be given to a middle person hu can act like a referee then give both wagers to the winner at the end Smile

plz sugesst improvements or say wat u think ^^


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